The 'Brussels Effect' wields real influence over US crypto regulation
30/09/2022 02:07

The European Union is leading the way when it comes to global cryptocurrency regulations.

Lack of ‘qualified people’ without more Web3 education, say academics
30/09/2022 01:49

Blockchain Academy International’s Huxley Peckham says there are already 60 different industries using blockchain tech today.

Warner Music Group partners with OpenSea to create more Web3 opportunities for artists
30/09/2022 00:14

The company stated that select artists can launch their NFT collections and limited-edition projects on their own dedicated drop pages.

Market manipulation claims will be hardest 'nut to crack' in Bitcoin ETF approval — WisdomTree
30/09/2022 00:00

“We’re all kind of watching this and seeing what’s going to happen,” said WisdomTree's Will Peck on spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds in the United States.

Judge orders SEC to turn Hinman documents over to Ripple Labs after months of dispute
29/09/2022 23:44

U.S. District Court Judge Analisa Torres overruled the SEC’s second attempt to withhold the documents relating to former Division Director William Hinman, who said Bitcoin and Ether are not securities.

Crypto Market Integrity Coalition inducts 8 new members, plans training
29/09/2022 22:45

The self-regulatory organization backed by Solidus Labs is known for its integrity pledge; BitGo, Bittrex and Merkle Science are among the new members.

Why this UK territory is adopting the Bitcoin Lightning Network
29/09/2022 22:32

Gibraltar is becoming well known for its pioneering crypto regulations, support for blockchain development and Bitcoin adoption.

US lawmaker hints at calling for Republican votes in 2022 midterms over crypto policies
29/09/2022 21:15

Representative Patrick McHenry said regulatory clarity for digital assets would be one of his "top priorities" if he became the next chair of the House Financial Services Committee.

Pro traders don’t expect Bitcoin to break and hold $20,000 anytime soon
29/09/2022 21:13

Bears have controlled BTC price by forcing 111 daily closes below $25,000 and derivatives data shows a reversal of this trend is highly unlikely.

Meta introduces NFT crossposting and sharing on Instagram
29/09/2022 20:30

Users in 100 countries can now connect their digital wallets, post and share nonfungible tokens.

ECB reports on digital euro validation, privacy one year into investigative phase
29/09/2022 19:44

The ECB’s two-year investigative phase is halfway completed, with key use and policy issues clarified; more stakeholder engagement is planned before the decision is made to proceed.

US Treasury yields are soaring, but what does it mean for markets and crypto?
29/09/2022 18:30

The 10-year U.S. Treasury yield recently hit its highest level in 12 years, but how might this impact investors’ sentiment toward stocks and cryptocurrencies?

SEC alleges fintech and 'market maker' firms manipulated crypto market in token scheme
29/09/2022 18:21

Though the SEC has pursued many enforcement actions related to initial coin offerings, the regulator’s stance on airdrops’ role in alleged token schemes is unclear.

Bitcoin price slips under $19K as official data confirms US recession
29/09/2022 17:20

Politicians continue to argue about whether the U.S. economy is in a recession, even as data highlights two consecutive quarters of negative growth. Meanwhile, BTC holds $19,000, for now.

Crypto startup to save iconic fiat money sculpture with 1M euros in funding
29/09/2022 15:28

The crypto industry is coming to save the troubled “Euro-Skulptur” monument in Frankfurt after traditional banks refused to support the symbol of eurozone decision-making.

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