Bitcoin ‘so bullish’ at $23K as analyst reveals new BTC price metrics
28/01/2023 11:05

Market analyst Cole Garner suggests that Bitcoin bulls are in for a treat amid an ongoing BTC price renaissance.

CZ predicts ‘existential implications’ for anti-crypto traditional finance
28/01/2023 08:41

While the reluctance of traditional players is a deterrent to crypto’s adoption in the short term, CZ argues that the decision might backfire over the next two decades.

White House cryptocurrency ‘roadmap’ recommends against pension funds
28/01/2023 06:53

The Biden administration touted its comprehensive framework and encouraged regulators and Congress to tighten the screws on crypto in a new statement.

US prosecutors seek to ban SBF from Signal after alleged witness contact
28/01/2023 06:51

It’s alleged that the former FTX CEO attempted to arrange a “constructive relationship” with the current General Counsel of FTX US, Ryne Miller.

Silvergate suspends dividends to preserve ‘highly liquid balance sheet’
28/01/2023 05:48

January has been a rough month for Silvergate, with the dividend halts coming just a few weeks after it announced a Q4 2022 loss of $1 billion and laid off 200 employees.

Hackers takeover Azuki’s Twitter account, steal over $750K in less than 30 minutes
28/01/2023 03:14

The majority of the funds stolen were from a single wallet which had $751,321.80 USDC drained from the malicious link.

California DMV to digitize car title management system via Tezos
28/01/2023 02:09

California DMV’s chief digital officer Ajay Gupta emphasized that the agency is looking to modernize its current systems and bring greater transparency to car title transfers.

Total crypto market cap rises above $1T, and data suggests more upside is in store
27/01/2023 23:30

Bad news continues to dominate crypto media headlines but Bitcoin and the wider market appear to not care.

Fed policy to align bank oversight could limit crypto activities by state banks
27/01/2023 22:40

The new policy would align the allowable activities for insured and uninsured state banks and OCC-supervised national banks by making rules for state banks more restrictive.

5 reasons why the Aptos (APT) rally could still have wings
27/01/2023 22:30

Aptos’ star-studded founders and the market’s disbelief in the rally could further fuel the rise in APT price.

Aave deploys V3 on Ethereum after 10 months of testing on other networks
27/01/2023 22:18

The new version includes features that developers believe will increase capital efficiency and lower gas fees

Price analysis 1/27: BTC, ETH, BNB, XRP, ADA, DOGE, MATIC, DOT, LTC, AVAX
27/01/2023 21:30

Bitcoin and select altcoins continue to consolidate near their recent highs, increasing the possibility of an upside breakout.

New Ripple president says her job is to continue to scale amid crypto winter
27/01/2023 21:30

Veteran Ripple executive and former general manager Monica Long said the company has seen record growth in recent months despite the crypto winter.

TradFi and DeFi come together at Davos 2023: Finance Redefined
27/01/2023 21:20

Decentralized finance meets its traditional counterpart at Davos, with a growing cross-pollination between the two.

New York Assembly introduces crypto payments bill for fines, taxes
27/01/2023 20:33

The bill clarifies that state agencies can legally agree to accept cryptocurrency payments and that these agreements should be enforced by the courts.

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