Can you earn passive income running a Lightning node?
26/06/2022 01:00

Learn to manage and run a Lightning node at a profit. Also, discover various Lightning Network problems and how to address them.

Sam Bankman-Fried provides bailouts, ‘Bitcoin dead’ searches soar, and debate over hidden themes behind BAYC continues: Hodlers Digest, June 19–25
25/06/2022 22:30

Bitcoin may still see 'wild' weekend as BTC price avoids key $22K zone
25/06/2022 21:43

Bitcoin bulls still have a battle on their hands in low-volume weekend trading, analysis warns, while altcoins preserve multi-week record gains.

Can Metaverse technology enhance human-AI efficiency?
25/06/2022 16:00

How will AI be used in the metaverse? Can AI and blockchain work together? A dive into the future of AI aligned with blockchain.

Bitpanda announces layoffs citing no compromise on product quality
25/06/2022 11:45

Witnessing the crypto crashes over the past several weeks from a front-row seat, Bitpanda made the “tough decision” of cutting down its employee headcount to roughly 730 people.

What is StrongBlock (STRONG) and how does it work?
25/06/2022 09:23

Strongblock creates platforms and protocols with the intention of revolutionizing how blockchain networks compensate the nodes that protect and sustain them.

Bitcoin network power demand falls to 10.65GW as hash rate sees 14% drop
25/06/2022 09:00

The Bitcoin network recorded the year 2022’s lowest power demand of 10.65 gigawatts (GW). At its peak, the BTC network demanded 16.09 GW of power.

It seems NFT-themed Bored & Hungry restaurant no longer accepts crypto
24/06/2022 23:30

The alleged removal is a bit strange considering Bored and Hungry only opened its doors back in April.

Celsius Network hires advisers ahead of potential bankruptcy: Report
24/06/2022 23:20

Restructuring, bankruptcy, buyouts... media outlets are swarming with different reports on the next steps Celsius may take.

Crypto Stories: YouTuber Paco de la India explains his travels using Bitcoin
24/06/2022 23:15

The Bitcoiner had visited eight different countries out of his goal of forty and was in Africa at the time of Cointelegraph’s interview.

Crypto Biz: Crypto was in full swing at Collision Conference, June 17-23
24/06/2022 23:01

Despite the bear market in Bitcoin and altcoins, the industry's builders continue to build for a brighter future.

Gensler appeals for ‘one rule book’ in negotiations with CFTC over crypto regulation
24/06/2022 22:30

In an interview with The Financial Times, SEC chair Gary Gensler said he is working on a memorandum of understanding with the agency’s digital asset market co-regulator.

Finance Redefined: Uniswap goes against the bearish trends, overtakes Ethereum
24/06/2022 22:05

The top 100 DeFi tokens showed signs of recovery after last week’s mayhem, and many of the these tokens registered double-digit gains.

Here’s how pro traders could use Bitcoin options to buy the $20K BTC dip
24/06/2022 22:04

Predicting a market bottom is pretty much impossible, but clever traders use options strategies like the Iron Condor setup to target a particular trading price range.

FTX may be planning to purchase a stake in BlockFi: Report
24/06/2022 21:41

Reportedly, ongoing talks followed BlockFi signing a term sheet with FTX to secure a $250 million revolving credit facility on Tuesday.

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