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What is $WARPED? $WARPED is the ERC-20 utility token that powers the Warped Universe. Its primary utilities include: -Fueling Web2 - Web3 Collectible Conversions: Fueling the portal to player ownership. -Guiding Game Development & Design: Empowering token holders to influence the direction and evolution of the Warped Universe. -Discounts on Warped Items & Collectibles: Using $WARPED can provide discounts on various Warped in-game items & collectibles. -Game Rewards: $WARPED will be used to reward players in-game, in competitions, and more. $WARPED, EMPOWERING A VIRTUAL GAMING ECOSYSTEM From the creative minds behind Lego Universe and Jumpgate with experience at Star Citizen, Pixar and Disney, alongside the team who crafted the STARL Metaverse Project and MMO Warp Nexus, Warped Games is thrilled to introduce Warped Universe - Welcome to the frontier of gamified virtual exploration. What are the key features of Warped Universe? -Interconnected Gameplay Across Multiple Genres -Empowering Players - From the way you play to the way you extract value from your gaming experiences -Optional NFT-based Digital Collectibles - Choose your level of on-chain interaction -Community-Guided Development and Collaborative Storytelling
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