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1. What is the project about? Werewolf and Witch is an innovative NFT War game that operates fully on the Aptos blockchain. Having been awarded first place in the Aptos Hackathon, our team is dedicated to developing a sustainable web3 game that is built upon the high throughput Aptos Blockchain. With our focus on transparency and fairness, we leverage the power of smart contracts to ensure a trustworthy gaming experience 2. What makes your project unique? Our project is the first of its kind, offering a revolutionary GameFi Web3 service that utilizes Move smart contracts. We are proud to differentiate ourselves from other projects by rejecting the unsustainable and often unfair practice of Ponzi tokenomics. 3. History of your project. Our project has a rich history: In March 2023, we were honored to receive our first award from the Aptos Hackathon and successfully developed our Proof of Concept (PoC) version. Come May 2023, we officially launched our project, which included the unveiling of the GameFi token, $WAR, as well as the innovative "Battle to Earn" feature. Furthermore, we expanded the project with the addition of NFT items such as Lands, War Heroes, and Potions. 4. What’s next for your project? Our next venture will be a MOBA genre game on the Aptos Blockchain. It will be an Unreal Engine based game that involves occupying strongholds. 5. What can your token be used for? As for our token, $WAR, it can be obtained through battling in the game. The token can be used to purchase in-game items and upgrades to enhance the gaming experience.
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