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United is a unique cryptocurrency token that is partially backed with real estate, where investors can use their tokens to gain profits in the property market. While a real estate fund will always guarantee the minimum price of the token and also increases the trust among the public, then the possibility to trade with United Tokens in multiple exchanges gives the investors the freedom and liquidity they want. We know that real estate has been the most secure and stable source of income for investors for decades, as the average real estate ROI is around 10%, making it a steady and a stable income. What makes it difficult to start investing in real estate, is the initial investment needed to enter the market or often not even a vision about the company’s long-term future. Most of us who try, carry the loan debt throughout their lifetime, while never making significant profits out of it. This restriction has kept the middle-class out of the real estate game. Today, because of the vast development of info technology and internet growth, the investment world is changing and open public ledger technologies like blockchain are opening doors for new possibilities. We saw that regular real estate crowd fundings are not paying out enough money for the investors to be happy and regular cryptocurrency tokens are not holding sustainable value. We created a solution by adding the blockchain into the equation, which provided two independent income streams for investors. One, it gives access to a wider audience to participate in the real estate market and two a higher possibility to get returns from the growth of the token in the cryptocurrency trading market. To increase demand and liquidity, we already made the United Tokens usable by listing 79 apartments, which are already available to be bought with United Tokens today. Information about the current listings, can be found on our official web page. We will have many more upcoming real estate listings that can be bought with United Tokens and we are also preparing to release United’s prepaid card which provides liquidity and usability for smaller purchases everywhere in the world. United is a bridge between cryptocurrency and real estate, which gives higher returns to the investor, sustainability for the cryptocurrency and accessibility for lasting wealth to everyone!
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