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Aiming at distributed autonomous organizations and accelerating the application of blockchain in the real economy, POC designs a double-layer open chain group architecture to support the independent operation of multiple industries and company blockchains. Each industrial ecology and enterprise can publish its own independent blockchain based on the POC public chain. The two-tier architecture includes POC public chain and POC industry chain group. Among them, the POC public chain bears the POC token, and relies on the DPoS entrusted proof-of-stake consensus mechanism to be responsible for the value consensus and transmission of the entire industry; the POC industry chain group contains the ecology of different industries and enterprises, and sets different parameters, states, and zones according to the actual situation of the industry The block structure, as well as the consensus mechanism and community governance rules, support unlimited horizontal expansion of various industries and support the development of many small and medium-sized enterprises. Different POC industry chains anchor and transfer value through cross-chain interaction with the POC public chain.
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