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€ 2,559,146
Volume 24h
€ 18.39
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PIKA is an ERC-20 Token developed on the Ethereum network by GameFI AG, a crypto company based out of Switzerland. With developments in Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT’s), reward-based gaming systems, evolution-based staking, digital asset marketplaces, and more, this cryptocurrency is setting the trend for all new-comers into the crypto-sphere. Gamefi AG is creating an NFT marketplace called TheKraft and will have revolutionary aspects to make it competitive. TheKraft will allow users to start creating NFTs at 0 entry cost and offer other projects to have their coins listed. All artist will be paid out in one of GameFI AGs three coins PIKA, THUNDER, or RAI. PIKA is the first coin in our tokenomic ecosystem. This deflationary model is designed for PIKA to become a scarce commodity over time as users do the following; evolve their PIKA to THUNDER, THUNDER TO RAI; transfer PIKA into staking pools; use it on TheKraft; and GameFi games including their Crypto Trading Card Game. To give example, The Liquidity provision contract is a pool combined of ETH and PIKA and is a convergence of code from our custom smart contract and uniswap’s smart contract system allowing users to profit by providing liquidity.
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