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Naxion is a Layer1 Public Blockchain mainnet that is suitable for the general use of a series of software and surrounding resources ecosystems that are based on distributed or open data hubs. Naxion offers users high level of security, fast speeds and affordable costs. It supports smart contracts and facilitates the creation of decentralized applications(DApps). NXN is created by mining as a proof-of-work (PoW) method. What makes Naxion special is that it overcomes the shortcomings of POW while remaining faithful to the basics of PoW blockchain. While adopting the POW method that most faithfully implements decentralization, it also adopts independently developed secure node technology to process transactions at a speed similar to the POS method (maximum 1500 TPS) and design an inexpensive gas fee structure. Fast speed and low-cost gas fee made it possible to build an independent network ecosystem without supporting a separate Layer 2 solution. Meanwhile, it is eco-friendly by preventing access to ASICS without providing a node, thereby preventing unnecessary power consumption in addition to the power required for node operation.
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