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"Judas is founded on the belief that meme coins can generate yield. The token is a nod to Judas Iscariot, the gentleman best known for betraying Jesus. but the only thing $Judas is about to betray, is the norm. The first iteration of the Judas platform features: 1) A fair coin flip game, where users can bet meme coins ($JESUS, $PEPE, $HPOS, $JOE) for a chance to flip for more. Bets get taxed 3.5%. 2) A staking page, where stakers of meme coins will earn that specific meme coin as yield, while stakers of $JUDAS earn all accrued meme coins as yield. Example: A user bets $100 USD of $PEPE and wins, the payout is $200 USD of $PEPE. 3.5% ($7 USD) of this is taxed. 50% ($3.5 USD) is earned by $PEPE stakers, and 50% ($3.5 USD) is earned by $JUDAS stakers. Note 1) There will be more games down the line. 2) There are no buy/sell/transfer taxes."
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