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DERP is the native token of on zkSync, Base and opBNB. DERP is used as a utility token within DerpDEX network and ecosystem such as paying for gas fees in DerpDEX and staking for xDERP with additional benefits within DERP ecosystem. DERP is the native utility token that is used for: - Staked token - xDERP token is introduced to incentivise for token holders - Staking privileges - Enable on-chain governance, whitelist for launchpad allocation, premium features and more. Benefits for xDERP stakers: - Enjoy protocol staking benefits from protocol earnings and usage - Access to governance voting for the long term health of the protocol - Whitelist allocation for Initial Derp Offering (IDO) - Cash-back for traders - … and more The total supply of Derp (DERP) is 100 trillion. The distribution of DERP is as follows: 8% – Liquidity and CEX Listing 1% – Foundation 10% – Team (2 years linear vesting with 30 days cliff) 9% – Investors (10% TGE, 2 years linear vesting with 30 days cliff) 2% - Private sale (30% TGE, 2 years linear vesting with 30 days cliff) 2% - Public sale (30% TGE, 3 months linear vesting with 30 days cliff) 48% - Ecosystem: Incentives, referral & airdrops 20% - DAO: Emission incentives DerpDEX was founded by [0ximderp]( and experienced DeFi team, degens, traders and proven buidlers. DERP is available on [DerpDEX](, [Uniswap](, []( and [MEXC](
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