Blox Token

9.00 %
Change 24h
Market Cap
€ 1,669,102
Volume 24h
€ 34,658
Circulating Supply
Total Supply
From the creators of the Zilliqa platform zilFlip comes ZilliqaRoyale — a first of its kind blockchain-powered battle royale game running on Minecraft. The project aims to bring innovation to the Zilliqa network by being a proof-of-concept that demonstrates how games can be integrated with blockchain technology seamlessly. Players will be able to directly tokenize virtually any in-game asset into an NFT, using the MinecraftZilliqa network bridge developed in-house by the ZilFlip team. By playing ZilliqaRoyale or providing BLOX token liquidity, players can stand to earn loot boxes containing randomised items — ranging from resellable in-game cosmetics (NFTs with rarity) to straight-up ZIL tokens. Along with the BattleRoyale game, the team will also be launching its very own NFT marketplace where players can conduct trades and sell the tokenized game assets. It is also designed to be modular to empower future Zilliqa projects to easily tokenize their game assets using ZilliqaRoyale as a base.
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