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YAYO Coin, LLC ("the Company") arrives as a hedge against declining faith in Ethereum following the gas crisis of 2021, which infamously and cruelly priced out the everyman from entering the Game with its absurd, arbitrary and prohibitive flat tax on Action itself. Out of this chaos fire, notorious Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin shocked the crypto world and burned the faith of his own community by selling out liquidity locks “satirically⁴” granted to him by existing Ethereum dogcoins such as SHIBA , crashing the dog markets and leading to the present-day “War on Rugs” retaliation against Ethereum. And So: In comes YAYO Coin, a purely fundamental, unobstructed financial algorithm designed to liberate the essentialist beauty of the proven deflationary burn & redistribute model from the Chains of Ethereum, powered by innovative tweaks and hypercopy. There was no stopping it.
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