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Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is a rapidly growing sector that is completely revolutionizing the traditional and outdated ""centralized"" financial system, whilst also offering a significant opportunity for investors. Currently, the opportunities to profit from DeFi are being monopolized by those ""in the know"", such as crypto enthusiasts and institutional investors. We at Weave think that everyone should have access to DeFi, and especially be able to benefit from some of the very high yields that can be made in this sector. We aim to create the most powerful and profitable staking and liquidity pool dApp in the world, whilst also ensuring that even absolute beginners can easily get involved. Providing unique features to both experienced yield farmers and absolute beginners alike will create a symbiosis where both parties benefit each other to create a wholly unique platform and community. While Weave Pro focuses on more experienced users, Weave Passive will provide high-yield investment opportunities even to absolute beginners through a decentralized copy farming mechanism that securely gives users access to Pro yield farmers and allows them to manage the allocation of funds within the users’ own private wallet. Our proprietary strategy builder is essentially a smart contracts builder, meaning that anyone can now create a smart contract in minutes even with zero coding experience. These smart contracts can be created and deployed to create yield in any way the user sees fit, making them unique and giving our users much more control over their funds.
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