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Vybe is an exciting new contribution to decentralized finance, with multiple solutions. We call these solutions melodies, as together, they form a harmonious step forward for the industry. The VYBE token is the focal point of the platform. VYBE must be purchased to utilize melodies, providing intrinsic value to VYBE. You can stake your VYBE to enable the ecosystem and increase your holdings. Every month, 5% of the VYBE supply is issued, and 4.75% is distributed to stakers. The remaining 0.25% funds future development to ensure the platform's long-term viability. Staked VYBE is usable by any approved financial contract, including our first DApp, Vybe loans. Vybe loans are a cryptographically secure way to loan VYBE, where every loan is guaranteed to be paid back in full. There is no risk to any participants. When they're paid back, 1% interest is earned. This interest is burnt, directly contributing its value back to the ecosystem.
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