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VideoGamesToken is bringing the power of blockchain to the video gaming industry and creating a new way to track game sales, distribution and asset traking with in games. We want to empower game developers and players so they can control certain parameters in the games and also create smart contract based games which can be short lived or based on certain events. VGTN has successfully transitioned from VGC Cryptonight based coin to VGTN (Video Games Token). The new VGTN is based on Ethereum ERC 20 standard and supports deployment of Smart Contracts and dApps. The VGTN ERC 20 token address is 0xb52fc0f17df38ad76f290467aab57cabaeeada14. You can find it Here -> VGTN Token on Etherscan. Total VGTN Supply is 150 Million. Swap from VGC to VGTN was 1 VGC = 1 VGTN token. Additional 50 Million VGTN will be used to fund further VGTN integration development.
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