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SonicSwap.IO is a community-driven DEX/NFT/gameFi platform built on Harmony Protocol & designed to attract more day-to-day users to Harmony and DeFi space overall. SONIC is a deflationary token with a list of use-cases that contribute to the continuous reduction of its' supply (token burns). The list includes but isn't limited by farming (anti-whale burning mechanisms in place), NFT raffle (burning 50% of the pot), Harmony Validator node (SONIC buybacks & burns with collected Validator fees), generative NFTs (coming soon), in-game use (Pixel Pigeon Fight Club coming in Q1 2022 & other games onwards), and an accepted method of payment for our very own cloud mining services & online store (with 100% of the revenue being burned). SonicSwap.IO is still a relatively young project with a lot of growth potential, fully dedicated developer team, and a strong community behind it. Whether you are a DeFi veteran, an NFT artist, or an absolutely new to the space user, Sonic City will always receive you with a warm-hearted welcome.
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