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Please be aware that SCIENTIA Token is an elastic supply token with negative rebase. During the negative rebase phase the amount of tokens in your wallet decrease while the price increases to the target price. Please educate yourself about this mechanism, for example in our Telegram group, and only buy SCIENTIA Token if you fully understand it and want to support the idea of SCIENTIA and be part of the community. Do not speculate with SCIENTIA as this is absolutely not its intention. A problem is faced today. Science funding is organized nationally, slow, and bureaucratic. Furthermore, it is usually controlled by government or large corporations and not the Community. SCIENTIA aims to provide a solution. It bridges blockchain technology, science funding and venture capital. SCIENTIA is a token that aims to support Science and return the rewards to the SCIENTIA Community. SCIENTIA’s ultimate goal is to establish a trust owned by the SCIENTIA Community that will improve Science, its funding and the way the economy interacts with it. To attract as much funding as possible for its endeavors, SCIENTIA utilized a negative rebasing mechanism, whereby supply is adjusted as such that the price of the token rises by a minimum of 3.14% every 8 hours. This might change over time an will be announced in the Telegram group and on other channels. This will continue until the price of one SCIENTIA token has reached 314,159 $, which is estimated to happen in 314 days or less depending on market conditions. Accordingly, the project consists of two phases. Phase I lasts for the first 314 days after launch and will utilize the negative rebasing mechanism to attract holders. Holders of the Scientia Token will get the opportunity to participate in Phase II, the Trust Phase. Here, the SCIENTIA Trust will be formed which will grant funding for scientific research and fund technology startups. If these are successful, the returns in the form of profit shares or license return will be shared by the SCIENTIA Trust and thus by the Trust holders. The Tokenomics include a tax on all transactions of 9.42%. 3.14% of that are allocated to a marketing budget, 3.14% are used to buy back SCIENTIA token to support its price with regular burns and 3.14% are added as additional liquidity to stabilize SCIENTIA’s price. SCIENTIA Token was first deployed on the Binance Smart Chain on 07 Oct 2021. A Pre-Sale was held from 05 Nov 2021 until 09 Nov 2021. After it sold out, the SCIENTIA Token launched on Pancakeswap on 10 Nov 2021, where it can currently be traded. The main developer of SCIENTIA is an active researcher in the biotechnology field and a physician. He is supported by a marketing team. The Team is currently anonymous, but it is planned that they will reveal their identity before the launch of Phase II of the SCIENTIA project, the Trust phase. At this point there will also be an outreach to the Science community, to introduce new funding mechanisms SCIENTIA could provide.
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