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At the heart of the money market is ""ASKOLend"" a unique non-custodial borrow & lend multi-chain platform that was originally forked from the Compound protocol but then substantially modified to include automated risk management features, allowing for a broad range of crypto assets to be offered for borrowing and lending. The rASKO money market has an unmatched level of utility for its user, it is designed to accommodate a diverse range of lender and borrower use cases while offering tiered risk lending and automated liquidation tools. Any user can become a lender and borrower, create a money market for their favorite token or simply participate in existing money market assets already offered on the platform. What makes rASKO Money Market unique are the many ways users can earn by participating in the rASKO ""Risk Token Swap"", rASKO ""LP Token Farms"", rASKO ""Borrowers' Rewards Pool"" and rASKO ""Cohort Farm"", which provide money market participants opportunities to borrow, lend, earn yields, receive fees, off-set borrowing costs and earn rewards. rASKO on BSC is a (BEP20) utility token that drives the rASKO Money Market while supporting a deflationary token economy with monthly burn and buyback. rASKO token has a fixed supply of 1 billion, which is to be released organically in stages to the market over time through; cohort farming, earned rewards, borrower rewards and lender's APR.
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