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The mission of the PRASM project is to help people become better mentally and physically themselves. The decentralized bio-informatic network allows Wellness to take the initiative in the hands of the participants that created the bioinformation, not the third party. Based on bioinformatics, the PRASM project develops protocols that enable people to reach better mental and physical conditions. The vision of the PRASM project is to build a Wellness circulation system in which people contribute to themselves and to each other. It is a virtuous cycle that PRASM pursues is that the behaves of the participants for themselves lead to positive effects on other and all Wellness circulation systems, and that the development of systems is beneficial to individual participants as well. To do this, PRASM studies the compensation model and the token economy. 1) PRASM Tokens PSM tokens are blockchain based tokens. This is based on the contribution of the participant to the network. This encourages participants to actively contribute to the network. Participants contribute to the network with bioinformation generated through their physical activities and receive a token as reward for it. 2) Types of rewards There are 3 types of rewards to participants who contributed their bioinformation to the network. Rewards for big data contribution – for making and sharing. Rewards for bioinformation use – for allowing their bioinformation to be used. Rewards for quests – for sharing the bioinformation produced under certain circumstances such as events, campaigns and clinical studies.
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