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Plug uses blockchain technology to connect manufacturing, distribution and sales in a single platform, providing manufacturers with a variety of data for manufacturing, such as product quantity forecasting. In addition, Plug is a life-like blockchain platform that utilizes blockchain characterized transactions, notable for its invariance, to provide manufacturing order service and clarify distribution process. It is also a blockchain distribution All-in-One platform that finds and offers information to the world's lowest prices for products. Plug is designed for the manufacturers whose communication with consumers have always been insufficient due to the serial manufacturing process, consumers who were always in the process of uncertain circulation, consumers who had difficulty in purchasing foreign goods directly (fastball) due to language barriers, and consumers who have struggled with product and store selection. Plug data is big data collected from ecosystem contributors and it is consumption help data that helps consumers make online life easier and healthier. Based on the data acquired through the platform-specific mining compensation system, such as consumption propensity data and product data, you can build big data (Plug data) and provide it to other open markets to receive the commission. In addition, Plug platform is the first real-life close-packed blockchain platform that allows you to find the lowest price product and provide it to the consumer with Plug.
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