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MetaWhale BTC is deflationary. Every transaction some of the supply is burned and some of it is used to buy BTC. One part of this BTC is stored in a reserve ready for holders to claim when the mwBTC supply reaches 1. The other part is BURNED. Yes, you read right. This protocol actively burns BTC to hasten its implosion. WHY? MetaWhale BTC is a new paradigm in elastic supply tokenomics. It employs a self-renewable deflationary monetary policy that’s backed by self-filling reserves of tokenized and redeemable Bitcoin. MetaWhale BTC integrates the category of Burning MetaWhale as it establishes its value from its reserves of tokenized Bitcoin and also burns it in an attempt to accelerate the implosion of Bitcoin. There are many reasons why someone would want to burn Bitcoin. Some people would like for it to appreciate faster because they themselves hold Bitcoin, while some people would like it to implode faster. Our goal is to stimulate the conversation about hybrid monetary policies, which are evolved relative to obsolete models. We’d like to inspire a new era of protocols that can manage inflation and deflation without imploding; protocols that prevent the monopolization of the supply whilst remaining fair to all market participants. There are huge challenges in how to make money move in a deflationary system, and we believe there are many ways to do it. All around the crypto sphere we can see deflationary tokens, but market participants who enter after the implosion stage can only lose money as the systems collapse. Given that these protocols aren’t backed by anything other than their own tokens, the remaining holders get left with an important lesson about the true market value of their tokens. In MetaWhale BTC, deflation happens at the same time the protocol fills its own reserve. In doing so, the protocol allows all market participants to make the most out of a deflationary model, whilst knowing to a deterministic certainty that their MetaWhale BTC holdings are backed by reserves of tokenized Bitcoin."
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