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Lives Token (LVT) is a digital token issued in the symbiotic chain and is a medium for realizing the realization of user value. The Symbiosism System is a future economy platform created by Symbiosism Economy Foundation. It is a brand new business model that reasonably quantifies behavior value generated by billions of Internet users through POV incentive program. Symbiosism Economy The LivesOne can quantify online behavior's value through blockchain technology and hatch Symbiosism Economy in order to facilitate the development of the new economy form. LivesOne created a new social and economic relationship, and provided a new online economic platform. Internet users and businesses will establish a new energetic Symbiosism eco-system. LVTC - Aggregate "User Behavior Value" User behavior can also be considered as user's energy putting on the Internet. Each user's energy is limited, hence "user behavior" is scarce resources. Different from Bitcoin's POW consensus program and Ethereum's POS consensus program, LVTC adopted the POV(Proof-of-Value) consensus program as its own mining mechanism to convert user behavior value into LVTC.
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