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What Is Libarysharetoken (LST)? Libarty, a synonym of the word art - art and liberty - freedom: The art of being free! The gap between rich and poor is constantly widening. Unfortunately, politics and the church fail to the same extent thus social injustice is aggravated. The open-source project has a fundamental goal: To help! The word Share in the sense of sharing gets a real meaning, because 10% of the profits generated from the entire Libarty ecosystem are invested in environmental and social projects! Libartysharetoken was founded in 2019 and the LST token is designed to be an internal accounting unit for all transactions of the participating companies within the Libarty ecosystem. It is planned to extend the LST as a loyalty token and as well as means of payment for product purchases and services. The team consists of experts from different fields who are familiar with the concerns of the economy and have created a possibility to combine economic needs and social responsibility. The use of libartysharetoken turns customers into recommended regular customers, investors into profiteers and social organizations into the real winners. The gap between rich and poor is closing a little more.
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