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Jasper is an economic network that connects customers, manufacturers and retailers through incentives to collaborate. Will be attractive to business Manufacturers and service providers will mine Jaspercoin with free licenses in return for accepting payment in Jaspercoin. They can use coins they mine to create loyalty programs with their own custom tokens. These promotions require no infrastructure investment, since they run on the Jasperchain network. They use the Jasper wallet and they cost nothing. Certain businesses will gain first-mover advantage by promoting their product’s availability on the blockchain. ‘You can mine our product on your computer’ will be the 1994 equivalent of ‘you can buy our product on the Internet’. These promotions will generate substantial social media. Companies will sell small quantities of real-world goods but generate significant publicity. As with all technologies, early-adopter companies will lead the way and others will follow. Actual companies become miners Jaspercoin can be mined with low cost computer hardware. There is no economy of scale in this system, so mining is decentralized, removing the threat of a 51% attack on the network and putting coins in the wallets of more people. It replaces the intermediary, the opportunistic mining sector, with business and consumers, the real producers of economic wealth. Makes mining environmentally responsible Jasper replaces the most common consensus algorithm (Proof of Work) with a system that does not require competition, powerful processors or high amounts of electricity. Opens mining up to the non-technical By introducing the Jaspberry, computer hardware pre-configured for mining, Jasper removes the need for technology smarts. When consumers or investors connect the Jaspberry to the internet, the device automatically registers on the blockchain and starts mining. Users can track their Jaspercoin balance on the display and the mobile implementation will let them track and spend using their mobile phone wallet. Non-technical crypto mining is new. Until now, mining has not been feasible for the lay person.
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