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On behalf of our team, would like to thank our investors and partners for believing in us and allowing us to realize a new and interesting product. Having analyzed the film industry market, we found a number of problems connected with payments for services of computer graphics and motion design. The total turnover of these seemingly small branches of the film industry exceeds 60% of all budgets of modern films, which are measured in billions of dollars. It's not a secret that all modern films use a huge amount of computer graphics, and the cost of work for local specialists is too high, and often they do not have free time. This problem has generated a huge number of small companies and freelancers around the world who work for Hollywood, but modern financial constraints lead to difficulties and delays in paying hired professionals from other countries. And then our new currency comes to the help and also the huge infrastructure that we create instead it. We have already intensively negotiated contracts with such companies as 20th Century Fox, Marvel Studios, Focus Features, Happy Madison Productions, Lightstorm Entertainment and many others...
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