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The GlobalVillage Ecosystem Foundation is a non-profit corporation registered in Singapore. Its chief mission is to develop and research blockchain solutions that can be used for a global village ecosystem, and to provide funding and technological support for the development and maintenance of blockchain technology and the operation of ecosystems for related businesses. The GlobalVillage Ecosystem team is an internationalized blockchain technology and operation team comprising members from countries such as China and the US. Through research into the social environment of villages in multiple countries, the team discovered that villages and cities have major differences. Villages are mainly acquaintance societies which have gradually formed semi-closed social networks characterized by blood relations, human relationships, and the pattern of difference sequence. These kinds of social relationships have limited the development of villages, as well as curbed their economic growth. It is precisely those limitations of village society that the GlobalVillage Ecosystem Foundation saw when it decided to start off with the establishment and maintenance of village networks, in order to gradually set up a distributed, coordinated blockchain network based in villages around the world, with peer-to-peer task allocation and reliable identity verification. In the GlobalVillage Ecosystem blockchain network, the distributed task-allocation system uses task-confirmation certificates to record the execution and feedback of tasks on the chain, and the service system uses rights certificates to record the confirmation and reception of service on the blockchain. Furthermore, a reliable, smart contract and transaction system uses transaction and exchange certificates to record exchanges of property on the chain. The credibility of the GlobalVillage Ecosystem network ecosystem comes from the transparency of its event records; the key to this is that the maintenance of the global network system is based on a distributed form of operation, creating a globalized applied ecology. During the distributed operation of the network system, members who are carrying out maintenance on the network system can use GlobalVillage Ecosystem’s digital service layer to freely, efficiently, and transparently participate in verification and assessment work regarding task allocation, task execution, content transmission, and message and transaction confirmation.
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