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GemVault is a marketplace and platform on which the fine gemstones of the world have been placed on the Blockchain and able to be traded digitally for the first time. These assets are available in a global exchange whereby ownership can be transferred from person to person or institution to institution. GemVault is a new type of currency. Many national currencies of the world are no longer backed by anything but faith. There is no gold, silver, or other valuable commodity to anchor them to reality. Goods and services priced in these currencies are subject to inflation as the value of it deflates away through uncontrolled increase in the money supply. The crypto-currencies offered by GemVault are tied directly to assets that have been valued and trusted for thousands of years. We make sending the value contained by gems as easy as sending an email. We combine the best of all worlds in this one-of-a-kind endeavor. No longer will the purchasing power of your 'transactionary' currency be eaten away by time. The value of fiat currencies always returns to their intrinsic value, zero. No longer will you be stifled by portability and fungibility problems presented by gold. Useful as it may be as a store of value, it is impractical for daily usage due to its' weight and difficulty to divide accurately into smaller quantities. And no longer will we face the issue of liquidity faced by gemstones. Lighter than gold but yet impossible to divide, we now offer a solution that has plagued humanity since the beginning of the recognition of gemstones as valuable and desirable. What we offer is simple. Whereas most crypto-currencies are backed by nothing and are mere copies, clones, or identical forked code of more famous ones, and yet others serve some sort of functional capacity, GemVault Coin also has a functional use while its' creations are backed by real assets. We will begin with GemVault Coin. GemVault Coin functions as a type of gate key to all of the other asset tokens offered by GemVault. We will provide our own exchange, upon which all of our assets will be traded. The assets, which are in fact crypto-currencies, are only able to be purchased with GemVault Coin. These cryptographic assets are backed by all natural, untreated, high-quality, and certified gemstones.
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