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THE PROBLEM Data farming from big messaging companies (whatsapp, line, wechat, snapchat) are all owned by large corporations (whatsapp=facebook), as you know. The private data doesn't belong to you, the end-user's. You give your information freely in trade for a free application. You, are the product and that is the agreement you adhere to. You cannot trust whatsapp (it doesnt advertise itself as a secure app, and Telegram, despite a reputation of being secure, may not be as secure as you think it is). Telegram is not transparent. SOLUTION *Paid app to avoid other means from the company to generate income decentralized, no access to data, which is fully secured (with auditable encryption) *A real-use case communication system in encrypted chat (100% anonymous) combined with a currency exchange system among users in the same application. Essentially it's an app and messenger with an integrated currency function. * 2p2 payment system among chat users (collection of dividends by the holders from the sales of a app in Android and the website)
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