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DEFIS (Decentralized Financial System) is built on top of the cryptographic primitives. Owners of different cryptocurrencies can earn interest, borrow, exchange, and create custom cryptocurrencies on DEFIS all in a completely decentralized and anonymous manner. DEFIS is a newly crafted blockchain. The technology of DEFIS improves upon current existing DEFI models and eliminates the limitations and scalability of issues that face the current existing DApps. DEFIS has its own cryptocurrency $XGM, which is the fuel that powers the DEFIS Blockchain DEFIS is commercial project, it has use case in finance. Decentralized Financial System of scalable, privacy oriented offchain contracts and financial protocols. Owners of different types of cryptocurrencies will earn interest in DEFIS system, borrow, exchange and create custom cryptocurrencies in a decentralized mode. We will deal with it closely. It will be our main work, we will register legal entity, expand our team, work with investors, engage in marketing, etc. Previous network Grimm will be managed by community in 'satoshi vision'. This allows not to betray those who mined/invested in the initial vision of the project.
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