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DashCash is the world's leading new generation of decentralized cryptocurrency with the purpose of protecting privacy. It supports tamper-proof real-time transactions, as well as point-to-point networks that offer service incentives for DashCash Networks. The total quantity of DashCash is constant and the annual total mining output decreases by 8%, which makes DashCash more scarce. DashCash can be sent instantly, and transactions can be completed anywhere in the world and by any individual in a second. DashCash is convient and fast like credit cards. The transfer charges are extremely low and each fee of any transfer is less than 1 cent; Non-network payment makes it have a larger development prospect; Anonymity payment and coinjoin technology can fulfill complete privacy protect. The global original all-node incentives avoids the of arithmetic attack of the traditional mode from its origin and makes its network safer! Any individual can join the masternode, each of which exists independently. Running DashCash masternode can get block reward. The more the masternodes are, the higher the degree of decentralization is, and the stronger the network is. The main node server is similar to the Bitcoin Miner. The difference is only the incentives. It can cash in the deposited funds at any time, or retain the continued appreciation. When you cash out, the masternode will stop running and the associated block incentives will stop paying. DashCash has solved the problems of slow transfer speed, high handling fees, easy disclosure of privacy, high concurrency processing capacity and deflation of the existing monetary system. It has realized unlimited seconds payment, greatly facilitated convenient transfer, transaction and daily consumption all over the world. DashCash is committed to making blockchain bottom technology apply to real life, making global payment safer, more convenient and faster, and grow into the next generation of digital cash in the world.
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