12.16 %
Change 24h
August 15, 2017
Market Cap
€ 197,336
Volume 24h
€ 149.70
Circulating Supply
Total Supply
CROAT was one of the most used and longest lived of the Catalan coins. CROAT is an important part of the historical Identity of the Catalan people. CROAT as an altcoin brings the Catalan coin from the past into the future. A tool within everyone’s reach, justified not only by economical needs, but also by historical, cultural and personal ones. · More than 30 merchants works already with CROAT ( · Social part is one of the fundamental pillars of CROAT Project ( · Catalan pools with full support ( · Manuals, Radio, conferences and more in YouTube Channel ( · Software for (Windows, Linux, MacOS, Web ""Lightwallet"", Android) already works · Exchanges accepted (STEX) · Exchanges pending ( Next.Exchange, and possible own exchange soon) · Listed on CoinMarketCap · A lot of mentions in physical/online media channels ( · Accepted yet with (XMR-Stak) as mining coin ( · More than 800 users in Telegram and other social media · Faucet ( . Nodes Map ( . Block Explorer ( . BlockChain ( . Pools ( · Marketplace ready ( & ) · Guide for users ( More info at Please, for more information, please contact:
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